Who we are

Two Bud Spur is one of a small group of vineyards in the Huon Valley that together make up the most southerly wine region in Australia. Our vines were planted in 1996 on a premium north facing site in Gardners Bay, Tasmania. The vineyard was purchased by marine biologists Craig Mundy and Karen Miller in August, 2006 and we released our first wines under our new Two Bud Spur Label in 2007.

Over the last ten years we’ve taken what was a neglected site and, through hard work, blood, sweat (and the odd tear), we’ve resurrected Two Bud Spur to its former glory.

The Vineyard

We have 2ha of vines with five grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer and Gamay. The vineyard is planted on a gentle slope and receives all-day sun. Shallow soils overlay a clay base, with a junction between dolerite and mudstone in the middle of the vineyard, providing ideal “terroir” for our cool climate varieties.

Two Bud Spur Vineyard is situated 100m above sea level, and approximately 1km from Port Cygnet so the maritime influence on the vineyard climate is minor. Due to our southerly location, we are one of the last vineyards to harvest in Tasmania, giving us a long ripening period which allows our grapes to develop full, but delicate flavours

Environmental Philosophy

At Two Bud Spur Vineyard we strive to minimise our ecological impact and ensure we consider the broader environmental consequences of everything we do.

We use conservative irrigation to minimise wastage, supplementing natural rainfall with around 0.2 megalitres/hectare annually. Our vines are drip irrigated and we use ground water for irrigation in preference to dam-storage, to reduce loss through evaporation. Our bore-water is treated with environmentally friendly Hydrosmart technology.

We nurture our soil through on-site production of mulches and we consciously choose biodegradable products for use in the vineyard. More than half of Two Bud Spur Vineyard is dedicated to regenerating forest, providing habitat for native wildlife. No synthetic pesticides or residual herbicides are used in the vineyard. We use a mix of organic and synthetic fungicides chosen on the basis of their environmental life cycle, targeting naturally derived products wherever possible.

We also consider simple things such as using local products. All our wine is packaged in Australian-made bottles, our paper is recycled and although we realise we’re not perfect, we are actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint.